7 days and counting :S

7 days until the Raiders start this years Toughguy race by firing what’s left of the cannon. I’ll be running as ‘Sicknote’.

I’m starting to feel a little nervous about this years race. I’ve done the summer event ‘NettleWarrior’ 6 times now and though Nettlewarrior involves an extra lap it has only ever been cold, it’s never been freezing.

Cold aside, the only real unpleasant part of the course are the electric shocks in the torture tunnels. Dangly electrified wires hang between wooden blocks in the near dark.

On the whole though looking forward to running again, my training strategy over Christmas was to put on plenty of weight. Not a great strategy but too late to change it now.

The only obstacle this thing doesn't go through are the concrete tunnels

At least we’re not pulling the cannon round this time :)

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