Cocos2d Cookbook

Nathan Burba has done a fantastic job of pulling together a great collection of recipes for the cocod2d cookbook covering everything from Bullets to Speech recognition.
Once Sketchshare is fully launched I plan on doing a review of the book in some detail. In the meantime it’s perfect for the Inquisitive/Intermediate programmer and covers a wide variety of techniques. For further detail check out Nathans site http://cocos2dcookbook.com/ which has videos detailing the techniques covered in the book.

It’s available to purchase over at Packt’s site

One Comment

  1. Totally agree, I’m impressed by the sheer variety of advanced techniques in the book. Most of that code you can find on the web, at least not in working form, and in many cases not at all. A definite must-have for any cocos2d programmer who has mastered the basics.