iOS Game Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d review

id575333541I’d hoped to get this up before Christmas but along with the rest of the UK I spent a large portion of the festive holidays feeling a tad under the weather. There’s been a link to the preview copy of this book in my Cocos2D Getting started post for a while and even in its sample form it was a great resource for someone looking to get started with writing games for iDevices.

So why give it a separate shout out? I have to be honest, I was given a review copy of the full book but I’d decided after reading the sample chapters that this was on my to buy list when available. The main reason for the plug is it’s very similar to an approach I’d had planned but just done so much better.

To borrow from the iTunes description text;

“Justin Dike teaches iOS game programming with Xcode and Cocos2d v2. Learn with HD images, interactive galleries, video examples, and color coded examples. Anyone learning Cocos2d or Xcode, beginner or otherwise, will benefit from this comprehensive book.

Topics specific to game programming include: collision detection, platform collisions, virtual joysticks, accelerometer, 3D effects, animation, particles, menus, sound FX, singleton classes, game engines, points, health meters, levelling up, and much more!”

A lot of work has gone into this, the structure is good and it’s an interesting read with videos that work with the content rather than being shoe horned in afterwards.




Don’t take my word for it, the first 4 chapters can be sampled for free.

For further information, a chapter by chapter breakdown and Cocos2d v2.1 ready code samples check out the following link.